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All you have to do is change the performance settings from “High Performance” to “Balanced”. Playing a video and problems during playback are a common problem that can occur in Windows 10 for various reasons. Let’s start by knowing the symptoms that occur when a playback error occurs. If the video you are playing is faulty, freezes, stops, delays, shows a black or white screen, or has a similar problem, a playback error occurs. If a playback error occurs, the video you are trying to play may be damaged or there may be a problem with the video player. Truly wireless or true wireless headphones may, by their nature, present more stuttering problems than other wireless models.

  • THis is one of the Major issues with standard A2DP.
  • Connect the headset’s green 3.5mm plug into jack of music player of headphones.
  • This is the top listed problem with this headset.
  • For a gaming headset with one, we suggest the SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless 2017 or the Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017.

Make sure you have voice chat enabled in settings and check whether you’re using Push-to-Talk to communicate. The default options should work for input and output devices as long as your Windows settings are set to the sound device you are using. If you are using Bluetooth, make sure that they are connected properly with the option of ‘bluetooth headset’ chosen on the connecting device. Make sure the headphones wires are plugged in properly and you hear a click sound when plug them.

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With my new laptop I am olso having the same problem….. The splitter you show will not work with a PC. A PC Oki Electric Drivers microphone requires +5VDC, which is on the Ring connection to work.

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There’s an included proprietary piece that you need to use, as you don’t screw it into the bottom of the microphone like many others. I had no issues mounting the piece to my microphone stand, nor my boom arm on my computer desk. Just be careful with the mounting piece though, as since it is proprietary, if you lose it, it’ll most likely be a pain to replace. Roughly the size of your palm, it’s easy to carry and pack around if needed, and the circular base has some weight to it, making it difficult to topple over. Don’t let the plastic encasing fool you, as even though it may not look like an expensive mic, the quality you get for the price is quite surprising.

You’ll also find a mute button on the outer flat surface of the left cup, which users should keep in mind for troubleshooting software setup. The Superhuman Hearing mode and mute buttons are remappable, allowing users to change their basic functions. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is a great gaming companion, thanks to a reliable feature for boosting the audibility of finer details in games.

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